How Don Draper and Roger Sterling Succeed in Advertising - Martinis Anyone?

When Don Draper's highball glass starts to twinkle & glisten like his eyes, it is almost guaranteed that the sexy ad man from Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce has come up with a yummy campaign cocktail sure to entice and inebriate his potential client.

The days of "taking your client out for liquid lunches" and showing them a "good time" at the local go-go palace have been shoved aside to make room for coffee conclaves at Starbuck's, tuna salad sandwich trysts at organic health stores and even more prevalent is the ever so popular Noon-Time Showdowns on Skype. What happened to good old fashioned face-to-face, get down and dirty, this is what I look like when I've had a few too many, sign the contract and let's do business kind of work ethics?

Social Media & Social Networking are, for now, our modern day "sign the contract" work ethic. It's the way most advertising & marketing gets out there. 
While there is nothing unethical or even wrong with interacting through social outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I have to wonder, would you actually consider the kind of business relationships with some of your networking friends like Don Draper & Roger Sterling involved themselves in?

For instance, let's say you are out at one of your perfunctory networking lunches. While sipping your organic pomegranate infused iced tea made with purified water and tea bags from some where out in Belize or something, a very friendly, outgoing, seemingly unpretentious woman sits across from you. She smiles, holds out her hand for the customary greeting and within seconds is ordering a pomegranate infused martini to imbibe at this week's network meeting about the latest pest control company in the area. Would you squirm? Would you excuse yourself? What would be your impression? What if that martini-swilling woman across from you was actually a very successful ad agency owner?

The best recipe for successful campaign ads is to get to know your agency. I will share with you some helpful tips on what to look for when hiring your ad agency or even the ad man/gal to get your message across. There are so many so-called, self-proclaimed marketing gurus out there, you have to wonder if there was a blue-light special at the vocational school on "How to become a Marketing Guru in 203 Easy Steps". I personally know several self-proclaimed-marketing-experts who are about as exciting as a 7th Grade math teacher clamoring about the importance of algebraic relationships during puberty and others who make George W. Bush seem like a rapper.

So with all the modern conveniences the social media outlets offer, the plethora of self-proclaiming advertising experts making their way around the free network lunches offering nothing more than the hints they snatched from another self-proclaimed expert, I suggest you keep it simple and go with your intuition when choosing your media outlet. I offer my own expertise below, albeit self-proclaimed or otherwise.

1) Wining & Dining- What's it Worth?

I know, I know, I sound like I'm pushing alcoholism in the 21st century. Actually there's something to be said about wining and dining your potential client, not unlike the Don's & Roger's of the 1960's bourbon on the rocks era. What better way to get to know someone than by sitting down and belting a few during happy hour? It's an honest approach and keeps the potentially nerve wracking event somewhat on the light side. Plan an early evening at an establishment that offers a fun atmosphere to take the pressure off. It allows everyone involved in your happy hour meeting to loosen the ties, kick off the stillettos and just be themselves. Having someone you actually enjoy hanging out with socially can only enhance your business relationship even more because that ad guy or gal who just bought shots for you at Chili's now knows the "real" you and can sell "you" and your business. Of course, if you are in a 12-step program, perhaps you may consider having your Happy Hour at Sonic where they offer 2-for-1 Slushies! Either way, get to know your potential ad agency on a more personal level.

2) Consider Narcissism a Good Thing in Advertising

It would be advantagous to recognize your own personality traits and be comfortable with what you find out about yourself. What I mean is that finding your perfect match in the ad world- someone who for all intents and purposes "gets you", or even worse, "completes you." I know, that is really cliche and perhaps a little weird when considering marketing, media, social networks and the like. But if you think about it, don't you want your ads and your message to be an extension of you? Don't you want what is being broadcast over the internet through Facebook and Twitter to say exactly what YOU are thinking-what you believe in? Of course, you can take the time to do this yourself and broadcast your passionate message across the media universe, but you and I both know that only leads to criticism and potential stoning from the very consumers you are trying to reach. They'll sneer and mumble under their breaths, "Here comes Mr. Horn Tooter." They may even run when they see you coming. Is that the kind of reputation you want preceding you in the sometimes cruel and unforgiving business world? My suggestion is very simple: Hire your evil twin to do your advertising while you sit back and reap the rewards of being a super-awesome business owner. The bottom line is that it absolutely simplifies your life. Here's how:

1)Your reputation stays in tact. Nobody thinks you are a horn-blowing bragger and you can be assured the event to stone you to death has been cancelled.

2) The people you see once a week at network lunches think you are super-cool and want to be you. You now have tons of invitations to company parties and your friends ski cabin in Colorado.

3) Life is just better. You have accomplished the art of Martini Making and Happy Hour Contract Signing!

So, here's a toast to you! Drink up!

Trish DeFeo is a Public Relations Specialist and has been Creative Director and Consultant for various ad campaigns throughout the globe.

Article Source: Trish DeFeo

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