How Social Media Has Affected People's Ability to Communicate Effectively

During the 20th century the school systems made it a part of their curriculum to teach students good communication in English class. Towards the end of the century and technology influenced the business more and more, especially the use of social media where people could communicate in the least amount of space, people started losing their ability to communicate effectively.

Before the advent of social media on the Internet, people networked by attending Chamber of Commerce after hours meetings, where they would introduce themselves, pass out their business cards, and develop a one on one relationship by talking face-to-face. On social media you can befriend someone, whether you know them or not. This can be a good method of building a business, but at the same time you don't know if this is a criminal that you are connecting with.

For instance, I have had people that are members of a social media group that I am in use this as an avenue to run a scam, but it's trying to tell me that they are looking for someone to help them transfer funds out of the country. These are the same people who used to send e-mails through Yahoo looking for someone to help them get funds from a dead relative. So one has to be careful about who they connect with.

Good communication means being able to string words together that are descriptive, convey a message, and have a beginning middle and end. Depending on someone's personality, and outgoing individual finds it easy to approach people face-to-face, while an introverted person has difficulty walking up to someone and talking to them. This is why for an introverted person social media on the Internet helps them build a connection to the outside world, as long as they don't have to face them one on one.

If someone has difficulty communicating was standing in front of groups because they are introverted, attending a group like Toastmasters, can help someone learn to feel comfortable talking to someone face-to-face. To become a competent speaker, an individual gives 10 speeches. The first speech is just a three-minute speech about yourself because you are the person you know the most about and the one you feel most people talking about. With each subsequent speech, the length of time increases, plus you learn to become more comfortable using descriptive words and body language when speaking.

Technology is a good thing and helps business expand worldwide, but having good communication skills can also help you expand your capabilities and business. We all need to learn good communication skills because it is an important part of how business is conducted in the real world.

Do you have good communication skills?

If not, what do you plan to do to improve your ability to communicate effectively?

How can you use your communication skills as an entrepreneur to build your business?

The biggest problem with the baby boomer generation of me was they don't know how to use the technology effectively, has affected their ability to gain full employment in the 21st century. Unless they are willing to improve their knowledge of technology and their ability to communicate effectively they will be left behind in the new workplace.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has influenced how social media is used in business today. Almost every company has a page on Facebook where an individual who uses their product can go on the fan page and join it. On the fan page they can write comments, good or bad about the product. Having good writing and communicating skills is important when writing comments.

Ms. Shensky is a professional speaker. writer, and coach. As a Career Coach she works with clients to help them find their passion and build it into a high paying career. As a Life Coach she works with clients discover their limiting beliefs the subconsciously put the brakes on and prevent them from reaching one's goals.

She holds an AAS in Mental Health and BA in Psychology and attended a Masters program in Rehabilitation Counseling. She attended Toastmasters where she received both the CTM and ATM certifications and participated in the NSA-GA Chapter mentoring program. She attended the American Seminar Leaders Association University where she received the Certified Seminar Leader (CSL) certification. She attended Stores Online presentation to learn about Internet Marketing. She has used her real life experiences to established a NPO--International Disabled Entrepreneurs, Inc. (IDE, Inc.) to teach people with disabilities the skills needed to have their own business.

Article Source: Davida Shensky

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