Your Fears Make You Foolish - Tackle Social Media NOW Before Competitors Leave You in the Dust

If you are one of those small business or non-profs who is still confused, frightened or wary of Social Media, please keep reading.

As with any tool we don't know how to use, social media is a potentially fearful unknown. A beast that looms in the dark waiting to pounce on us if we don't conquer it first. Yet your competition is whacking away at it, bit by bit, and you're still trembling in the corner waiting to be eaten?

The good news for small business is that social media is not a monster to fear.

The bad news is that like all monsters in the closet, social media continues to frighten until you expose the beast: a harmless tool waiting to be used in most any fashion you like.

How to Social Network Marketing on Facebook: Tips for Engaging the Right Audience

When you first learn how to do social network marketing, one of the key skills you must know is how to perform a paradigm shift. The nature of Facebook is a place where people socialize; it's not an online marketplace. Why market on Facebook, then? Marketers and business owners know that they must create brand awareness and increase community which will eventually lead to sales. Finding your target audience and interacting with them will certainly lead to future profits if you know how to do it right. When customers are genuinely interested in you and your brand, that interest can eventually lead to sales. Here are some tips for finding the right audience.

Avoid the hard-sell

Conventional marketing allows for hard-selling to individuals. Do not use this type of marketing method on Facebook. 

How to Make the Most of Facebook for B2B Marketing

Most b2b marketing experts constantly find ways of how to utilise social media. And why not? Since almost everyone is into social media-plus marketing the "social" way is more subtle and effective than doing it the hard selling way.

Facebook for Business to Business Marketing

It all began in this social network. For marketers, it's a good news that Facebook-what was once considered to be a social network for requesting friends can already be used for business purposes. Here's how:

1. It can be transformed into a lead generation channel. So who says you can't generate business leads on Facebook? Sure you can-especially now with its latest Facebook Timeline rollout; though you can't place calls to action within your cover photos, but then you could place them in its "Views and Apps" part of the page, just below your cover picture.

Different Ways To Make Money With Twitter

What can you do with 140 characters? The obvious answer is Twitter. This social media phenomenon has held firm to the 140 character limit, and countless thousands turn to this giant every day in a successful campaign to use these 140 characters to make money on Twitter. The concept is a pretty straightforward one when you remember the main reason people come to the internet. People come to the behemoth, that was early on dubbed "The Information Superhighway," for--INFORMATION! Providing the information people who are searching want is, always has been, and I believe always will be, the fundamental secret to unlocking the power of the internet and the way to make money with Twitter.

Some people come to the internet looking for the solution to a problem. The 140 character limit makes it difficult if not impossible to make money with Twitter simply by analyzing someone's problem and offering them a solution, all in the space of 140 words.That is about as realistic as Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip offering psychiatric help for 5 cents.

How Numerology Can Be Used To Understand The Direction Of One's Life

It is human nature to want to divine information about one's future. No matter what your current situation, nor your religious persuasion, exploring ways in which you can learn about the possible course of your life is likely to be of interest. A way in which you can delve into the mystical world of clairvoyance is to consult an experienced numerologist.

Numerology is the study of the somewhat secretive and occult side of numbers. Through knowledge passed down over millennia, those psychics schooled in this subject are able to divine information about the possible course of an individual's future. It is a technique that has its origins in ancient history. Scholars suggest it was first used by the Babylonians and the original inhabitants of India more than three thousand years ago.

Through a numerological reading it's possible to predict the way in which a person's life may unfold. 

How To Create A Social Media Will

Did you see it? This week the US government actually recommended that we all get our online houses in order for posterity. Now that Facebook has nearly a billion users, quickly followed by Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social sites, Washington is concerned that the Internet might end up with millions of accounts unattended do to disuse or death.

So a few weeks ago the government added a new section to their list of personal finance recommendations. It's called creating "a social media will."

The update brings up an interesting point. What happens to all those passwords and user names floating around in your head, if you're suddenly unable to access them or no longer have the ability to use them yourself?

How to Be in Time for Timeline

Facebook continues to change and enhance its features for all its users. After releasing the Timeline layout for personal profile pages a few months ago, they have released Timeline for business pages. And, all will have to change over by March 30 so the time to learn to use it is now! The new layout will benefit businesses in many ways, but we have to adjust some things to make it work to our advantage. The new layout makes it easier interact with our fans, post enhanced graphics, and will give us the ability to arrange our posts the way we want them to show on our page.

If you have a business page on Facebook, there are a couple of things that you need to do before switching to Timeline. Timeline gives us more creative freedom and if we take advantage of that, our business can attract more customers and make them stay long enough to find out more about us. The Timeline layout for business pages will automatically be forced to all pages on March 30. If you want to get the new layout for your business page, here are some things you need to prepare:

Social Media Marketing Works - Just Not the Way You Imagine It Should

Recently, a business owner called my office, sharing his concern that articles posted to the business Facebook page weren't about his business specifically, and that he didn't see the value in social media because it didn't seem like it was being done "right." While there is still no one way to make social media marketing work for everyone, there are ways to better establish an online presence and personality that will only help your business grow its brand online and offline. Let's review some of the facts in this particular case:

The business owner said customers asked about the articles posted on Facebook

Conversations being started at your place of business because of social media gives you a chance to chat it up with your customer and get to know them even better so you can offer even more customized service.

Using Social Media to Generate Sales Leads

Learning how to consistently generate sales leads can mean the difference between entrepreneurial success and failure. An online business can only thrive through receiving adequate exposure. The internet, and all of its wonders, allow businesses to bring their products directly to the consumer. This can be done by executing a number of proven strategies. Before reviewing these potent marketing tools, it's vital to reiterate the importance of generating sales leads.

A business, to be bold, cannot and will not last without constantly pursuing new clients. Chances are a market already exists for the product your business is promoting. Why be satisfied with your current exposure when it is not a difficult task to expand? I believe that utilizing available social media outlets to market your online business can equip your company with adequate tools for expansion. If you trawl the internet, I believe your findings will back up my beliefs.

LinkedIn: More Effective Personal Meetings?

It is essential to a personal brand's success to be active in the social media world. Social media has transformed the way people communicate with each other. People are now spending more and more of their time in different social networking sites, interacting and engaging with other users and brands.

Though you may be able to connect with someone meaningfully through social media, nothing beats connecting with someone in person. Face-to-face meetings continue to be invaluable in helping you form strong personal connections.

Instead of viewing social media as a platform that can take the place of personal meetings, you should start looking at social media as a way to connect with people prior to meeting them in person. It's a way to interact and engage with them and to help you overcome that first hurdle when you finally meet them face to face.