How to Make the Most of Facebook for B2B Marketing

Most b2b marketing experts constantly find ways of how to utilise social media. And why not? Since almost everyone is into social media-plus marketing the "social" way is more subtle and effective than doing it the hard selling way.

Facebook for Business to Business Marketing

It all began in this social network. For marketers, it's a good news that Facebook-what was once considered to be a social network for requesting friends can already be used for business purposes. Here's how:

1. It can be transformed into a lead generation channel. So who says you can't generate business leads on Facebook? Sure you can-especially now with its latest Facebook Timeline rollout; though you can't place calls to action within your cover photos, but then you could place them in its "Views and Apps" part of the page, just below your cover picture.

2. Enhance our brand's visibility by making use of stars and pins. By utilising pins and stars, you `cquire even greater visibility if you post your b2b lead generation content into your Timeline. Stars enable you to develop your update in such a way that it maximises more of your Timeline space, focusing more on the lead generation offer. Pins on the other hand, let you attach an update atop one's Timeline for one week. The result? According to "Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm", not just increased sales leads, but even enhanced engagement from your Facebook fans-and that can be vital in securing your updates in the users' news feeds.

3. Networking purposes. Mind you, LinkedIn is not the only social network which could aid you when it comes to spreading out your business network. Facebook is also useful for b2b companies usually dependent on interactive events such as trade fairs and conferences in order to connect and associate with the right individuals. This is due to the fact that location-based services of this social network could help you to be more thriving in these undertakings. If you attend certain events, you can market your presence if you check in on Facebook Places or other certain location-based services so that people included in your Facebook connection are known of your presence. Not just will this be an effective way to differentiate yourself away from the rest, but this is helpful in terms of connecting with other people.

4. Establish a community. After knowing how to generate leads for your organisation on Facebook, the next step is now to establish an industry community for conversion. Take note that the business to business world is filled with people aiming to be more improved, better than their fellow colleagues, bosses as well as their industry competition. Set your Facebook page as the avenue to gather various information which would assist them in doing that. If your Facebook fans notice you as the place to seek for information within your industry, then in time, they can be your customers or may refer some people for you-simply because you're the best there is!

Article Source: Hannah J Hamilton

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