How to Be in Time for Timeline

Facebook continues to change and enhance its features for all its users. After releasing the Timeline layout for personal profile pages a few months ago, they have released Timeline for business pages. And, all will have to change over by March 30 so the time to learn to use it is now! The new layout will benefit businesses in many ways, but we have to adjust some things to make it work to our advantage. The new layout makes it easier interact with our fans, post enhanced graphics, and will give us the ability to arrange our posts the way we want them to show on our page.

If you have a business page on Facebook, there are a couple of things that you need to do before switching to Timeline. Timeline gives us more creative freedom and if we take advantage of that, our business can attract more customers and make them stay long enough to find out more about us. The Timeline layout for business pages will automatically be forced to all pages on March 30. If you want to get the new layout for your business page, here are some things you need to prepare:

Profile and cover photos - the new layout gives you the option to upload a cover photo and a profile photo. For your cover photo, you can choose something that depicts your business. Be creative, and if you know someone who can help you come up with a design or make a design that you have in mind, do so. Make it look as professional as possible. According to Facebook, the ideal size for a cover photo is 851x315 pixels. You have to look out for this so you are sure that the photo you upload will remain clear and vivid.

Your profile photo will be a small box on the side, within your cover photo. What you can put here is your business logo. The ideal size is about 180x180 pixels. If you have a personal page that is already using Timeline, go ahead and experiment with it so you get an idea on how you can be creative with your business page.

Information tab - Facebook has a new "About" page. When your fans click on your "About", the first thing that they will see is the information about your business. So before switching to Timeline, make sure that you check your details, contact information, and anything that you want your fans to know about you. If you are not making use of this page, it's time you fill in that space because when people visit your site, they will surely want to know more about your business. Don't forget to place contact details and links to your blog or other sites, if you have any.

Milestones - this new feature lets you add company milestones on your profile. This is helpful in informing your fans or those who visit your page about the latest happenings in your business. When you launch a new product, have a promo, or participate in events in your community, you can add these events as milestones. Through your business activities, you are giving your audience an idea of what your business is about.

Plan to make your "likers" visits worth their while. Prepare yourself on how you are going to maintain your site. When you switch to Timeline, you will have new tools you have to get familiar with. For example, you now have the option to choose a post that will show on top of your page for as long as a week--something like a featured post. You can also change the dates of your posts. This allows you to fix your posts and have a constant flow of content in your page. There's also the "star" option, wherein the posts that you "star" will be highlighted on your page. This means that you can attract and engage your customers to participate in discussions that you marked. Facebook will also add features that will help you control message activity in your page. If you want to control the comments from your fans, messages will go to your inbox instead of your wall.

Facebook is a place where we can get closer to our customers. Now that there's a new layout coming out, it's important that we find ways on how we are going to present our business to our fans. Through creativity and preparation, we can use the new layout to further increase our fan base and to engage more people to interact with us.

Article Source: Maria Duron

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