Different Ways To Make Money With Twitter

What can you do with 140 characters? The obvious answer is Twitter. This social media phenomenon has held firm to the 140 character limit, and countless thousands turn to this giant every day in a successful campaign to use these 140 characters to make money on Twitter. The concept is a pretty straightforward one when you remember the main reason people come to the internet. People come to the behemoth, that was early on dubbed "The Information Superhighway," for--INFORMATION! Providing the information people who are searching want is, always has been, and I believe always will be, the fundamental secret to unlocking the power of the internet and the way to make money with Twitter.

Some people come to the internet looking for the solution to a problem. The 140 character limit makes it difficult if not impossible to make money with Twitter simply by analyzing someone's problem and offering them a solution, all in the space of 140 words.That is about as realistic as Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip offering psychiatric help for 5 cents.

Obviously, then, to make money with Twitter, the function of Twitter is to get the researcher's intention and to have that person come to see you as someone who may have the information they are looking for. As many of you know, on Twitter, that is called following you. When people follow you and regularly read the information you offer, they come to view you as an authority. Once that authority status has been established in someone's mind, they will follow the link you include in your signature to see what you have to say regarding the information they are looking for.

There are many targeting and analytics tools you can use to be certain you have information that matches the search criteria of the person looking for the information. This takes some work, but exact match responses are critical to giving the searcher confidence in the solution you are offering to their information search and/or their desire to solve a problem.

This process is an overview of the means by which you make money with Twitter. An important part of your motivation to go to the lengths required has to be a desire to help the searcher by providing exactly the information they want, even if they do not know exactly what they want. You can see why a desire to help others in this discovery process must be a part of your "why" in determining that this is the path you want to follow to success.

The way to make money with Twitter is to recognize that it is a tool, one of many, and not the be all and end all of the means you use to reach your goal. This is why Twitter is so much more than a way to constantly tell people where you are at the moment and what you are doing. That is certainly the way many people use Twitter, but I am convinced there is so much more to this treasure of 140 words.

Article Source: David C Bloom


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