Advertising on Facebook for Free: Tips for Increasing Your Fan Base

One of the easiest ways to conduct advertising on Facebook for free is to increase the number of fans to your Facebook business page. This step is really important because Facebook marketing is all about getting potential customers to become fans that will spread the word about how great your product or service is for other people. The greater the number of fans, the greater chance you have for motivating more dialogue on your page. The following are some easy-to-follow strategies you can use to increase the number of users on your business page.

Create a regular Facebook profile

You first and foremost want to start adding your personal contacts to your profile's network. 

When you create your Facebook business page, you can take the first opportunity to tell all of your family, friends, and contacts about your great new page for your business. Your contacts will be easy to convince to click the "Like" button on your business page.

Compelling Description and Image

When someone lands on your page, first impressions count. Add a short, compelling description of your Facebook page and add a link to the page. It also helps to create a special image for your Facebook page. You will also want to send an automated message about your page to individual contacts. When you've got to get the word out, try several of these methods.

Optimize for Search Engines

You want to get the word out to anyone who goes to Google or Yahoo, so make sure your Facebook page can be viewed by anyone. If it's not easily viewable, search engines won't index it. If you're page features your product, let's use jewelry as an example, you'll want to include information about your latest pieces and the season's most popular styles and trends. You should use free online keyword tools like Google AdWords to help you find keywords that people are typing into the search engines as well. You don't have to pay a dime for obtaining free organic traffic that comes naturally when someone who is interested in that keyword types it in the search engine.

Consider Your Name

People search on Facebook for things that interest them. For example, if you sell custom made jewelry, customers are probably more willing to click on Rachel's Chic Jewelry Designs compared to Rachel's Shop. Think about more creative ways you can represent your page that will encourage more fans to click then your page appears in search results.

It's All about the Click

You want to entice someone to click "Like", right? Write a short message asking people to like your page or offer your page visitor something of value in exchange for them clicking the "Like" button. If you sell physical products online, offer a small discount or coupon when someone clicks the button. It's still a great free way to advertise when promoting your business on Facebook.

When promoting your business through social media, most business owners want to lower costs as much as possible. Although paid ads on Facebook can really help a business, there are plenty of other methods that allow you to do your advertising on Facebook for free when you first get started. That's the beauty of social media marketing anyway, right? You want to get people to like, click, follow, and become a die-hard fan who will continue to promote your brand and product to everyone they know.

Article Source: Rachel Duhon


  1. Giving a promotional product to people who like your page is definitely a brilliant idea. It’s one of the best ways to promote your page as well as the business itself because you are essentially gifting people for doing something that took little effort on their part. By doing that, you are making them feel that what they do is important to you. Also, the promotional gift you give them would be helpful in creating recall.

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