Using Social Media for Your Event's Success

The social media explosion has changed the way events were being organized so far. The platform for social networking has been serving a lot as a marketing and promotion tool these days. Today, organizers across the world explore every aspect that a social media site offers to promote events. In fact, social media is infused with today's event promotion strategy, thus opening up new avenues to promote events virtually.

In this article, we are going to share four key tips on how to maximize the usage of the social media platform to execute a successful promotional campaign for events.

1. Create buzz by setting up an account

The promotion of an event starts long before the scheduled date of the actual program. You can start by creating an event page on leading social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn,etc. 

Add as much information as you can on your page, while making sure that these are catchy enough to attract viewer's attention. Mention the date, time and venue; give a link to the actual website, thus encouraging the viewers to visit your corporate website. Upload pictures, audio, and video content of the program to spur the interest levels of the viewers.

2. Let people Know about the event

Once your event is created and published, you need to get the word out. Make your event go viral by sharing exciting information. Let people know what they can experience at your program. Use the "share" function to post the event on your personal walls, thereby letting the world know about the event. You can also use the "invite" function to personally invite any number of friends.

3. Communication is the key

The best thing about social media is that you can stay in touch with attendees, before, during and even after the event. Staying in touch with your attendees can keep you a step ahead. Communicate with your attendees in a public forum and encourage them to come up with suggestions. Create a public community where people can share what is on their mind about your event. A vital tool is to upload pictures where people can tag themselves. Add your video on YouTube for more publicity amongst online users.

4. Host a social media friendly event

Promotion of an event is an ongoing process. Thus, if you want people to talk about your program, you need to keep up the hype during the event lead time. The best way to do it is to indulge in heavy social media activity during this event. Let people tweet or post updates to Facebook and Twitter. You can create a Twitter hash tag for the event as well.

Including a live stream of the event will definitely work wonders in terms of letting interested participants view the program in their physical absence. In that way, they won't have to miss out the event fully.

Article Source: Jonathan Reynold

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